Selecting an ad network that serves well

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As a web developer/webmaster/blogger, finding the right way to monetize your website/blog could be challenge. With so many ad networks popping up on a daily, one is bound to be confused. 

Googles’ adsense is undoubtedly the best ad network. They provide well structured, relevant and interactive adverts that do not hinder operations on your website/blog. However, getting approved on Google adsense advertising platform is often difficult  they check for several things on your websites such as;

  • Copyrighted property (music, images, Pdf etc.).
  • Your website is expected to have a contact page from which users could contact you. 
  • A well structured website for proper and easy navigation.

There are a whole bunch of thing Google looks out for.

So many ad networks like appnaira, adquet, ngadverts, chitika, propeller ads, alternative advert, infolinks etc offer different ad formats and payment mechanisms that promise to optimize your pay but most are just marketing strategies to get as many clients as possible.

A couple of alternative ad networks I have tested and can vouch for; provided you stick and abide by their terms and conditions

Ngadvert: This is a pay per click (PPC) Ad network which pays as much as #50 for clicks which originates from the target country (nigeria).  They provide an easy to use dashboard, you simply create your ad  copy the ad code and paste on the portion of your page you want the advert to appear.

AfriAdvert: This is the best nigeria based ad platform I have been fortunate to use but they do not take nonsense as any sign of violations of their terms and conditions will cause your account to be banned. I was faced with that challenge when I began using them but after soliciting a pardon  my account was reactive after 2 months. So far I have not had any issues with them.

Chitika: This a is an ad network that requires a whole lot of traffic coming to your website. They also pay most for traffic that comes in from search engines such as Google, Bing, Yandex etc. Their advert can be irritating as they are non responsive and tend to block contents of your page if not placed properly. They lack advertisers and tend to repeat the same few ads frequently.

Infolinks: Offer a unique ad type by highlighting certain words on your web page making them links to their advertisers. It’s just annoying that their algorithm is just poor, words relations is just too bad.

Adquet: This ad network and ngadvert share similarity in interfaces, I sent a support ticket to find out if they are both the same but was not replied.

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