The Embarassing and Frightening Incident

Cynthia took her Junior School Certificate Examination and was promoted to Senior Secondary School one.

It was during one of her stay in school that she met a girl named Islamiat who was popularly called Mizabel.

Mizabel was the school’s biggest girl, she comes to school with money and was the first to own a phone in the school, yet she came from a very poor home which baffled Cynthia. Cynthia was so eager to know because not only were they from the same town, they were also neighbours who stayed on the other street.

So one day at school, Cynthia decided to ask her during break time, “Islamiat, I have been watching you for some time now and I have noticed you come to school in an exotic way, spend money, wear expensive wrist watches and sandals, yet your parents are not rich, do you work after school?” Islamiat laughed and said to Cynthia “You people will never cease to amaze me” No I am serious Cynthia quickly said I really want to know. After much persuasion, Islamiat decided to let the cat out of the bag. I move with married men she said and they really lavish money on young girls like us, she said with a smile on her face. In her greatest surprise Cynthia asked “You mean you date married men for their money? And you want to be a second wife” Islamiat laughed and replied with a straight face, not that you will marry them, just do it for the money and when you are satisfied you let them go. Ah! No I’ll never follow a man that will not marry me, it’s the culture Cynthia said, Islamiat then replied and said Okay, sit down and wait for culture, well that is what I do and if you are not interested just back off! She said and wanted to leave but Cynthia held her and said “You see I don’t like the idea of my mother borrowing money and would sweat before paying back”. Just let me think about it Cynthia said, I’d get back to you as soon as I decide.

Soon islamiat introduced Cynthia to some married men and she became best friends with Cynthia. Every night they would sneak out of school and wait for the men to pick them up and in no time Cynthia made so much money. At times Cynthia gave her mother money and told her that it is one of her friend’s mother that gave her the money, she continued her life as a slut and was soon known as “Don”.

Things went sour when Cynthia was infected with STD(Sexually Transmitted Disease) and she was also pregnant. Everybody in the school were shocked when they heard about it. Islamiat ran and left school as soon as she heard about Cynthia’s predicament. Cynthia was so embarrassed as no one thought she could indulge herself in such an evil act.

Her poor mother heard about it and broke into tears that the girl she had trained for many years and who had a lot of promise would end up as a slut.

Her mother cursed the day she gave birth to her, she cried for many days. Cynthia later put to birth and died in the process although the child survived but was infected by the virus the mother had.

Cynthia’s mother died as a result of High Blood Pressure thinking of how she would train an infected child.

All the training Cynthia’s mother gave her ended up in vain.


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