Cynthia Secures Admission

Cynthia was now thirteen years and in secondary school. She got admitted into Owerri Girls Secondary School, Imo State. The school was far from where they lived so she was admitted as a boarding student.

Cynthia’s admission became a heavy expense for the single mother. She has been trying to get out of the squalor before Cynthia secured admission. Mrs Lucy was more desperate, she has been wondering how she would cope since government did not guarantee free education. Despite the condition,  Mrs Lucy did her best by raising the funds needed for Cynthia's registration. The school prospectus was given to them, the items to be bought was a burden to her but the poor mother did her best to get all these items for her daughter and also provided her with provisions that will sustain her till mid-term-break.

It was on a Sunday, 16th September 2012, Cynthia would be going to school around 4:30pm, she helped her mother in cleaning the house, she also washed all her cloths and arranged everything in the little living room.

It was 3:30pm and Mrs Lucy called her daughter who was dressed in a white well ironed Sunday wear, black shoes and red beret. “Here I am mummy” Please sit down my daughter the mother said, I have called you here only to advice you, please my child avoid bad friends and always read your books and remember to say your prayers, put God first in all that you do because one with God is majority, also don’t forget your family background and always respect your elders in school. Please my child I know we don’t have much, please cut your coat according to your size and be contented with what you have.

Cynthia arrived the school the school compound it was about 4:30pm, she was checked in by the house mistress, Mrs Vivian and some students were called to help her carry her belongings to St Monica’s hostel. Everyone in the hostel was happy at cynthia’s arrival, some of them tried making friends with her.

About two hours later, it was time for dinner, the hostel captain led the newly admitted students to the school out for their dinner, after the dinner, they all went to their various classes for prep which ended by 9:30pm. 30 minutes later it was time for lights out.

Cynthia read her books and come out in flying colors at the end of the academic session she was showered with several prizes on the prize given day, including the most behaved and most dressed student. This made her mother proud of her and she was willing to pay her next term school fees.


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