Nollywood stereotyping

Nollywood stereotyping

The other day I was taking a stroll when I saw a young man come down from a bike and began throwing up in a nearby gutter and it got me thinking; if this were to be a lady, a whole lot of people would think she is pregnant. Oh what Nigerian movies have caused. Thanks to the Nigerian movies we all have notions of certain things, some of this concepts come to mind instantly in certain situations. Here are some of these stereotypes:

Lady throwing up in a toilet

Apparently a guy vomiting is totally natural but a lady seen vomiting;

Hmmmn!!! Nawa oh, this girl must be pregnant

The judging gestures and comment start pouring out.

The village fool, Jekwu going to the city

Leaving the village for the city is the only way to succeed in life. Like magic, you become rich as soon as you leave the village. Please in which city can I go and be picking money on the ground or maybe pluck if off a money tree?

Fainting in Nigeria, Collapsing nigeria

Everyone seem to think that a person that collapses and becomes unconscious is revived by sprinkling water. Does this really revive the person? Well we see it in the movies; surprisingly, the person wakes up coughing, did the cough come in the unconscious dream?


Ethnic stereotyping: Everyone from Akwa-Ibom (Calabar) is either called Ekaette, akpan, akpos or okon. Calabar people are mostly house helps and if not cautious will eventually steal the husband/wife due to their incredible appetite for sex. All Hausa people are good for is to be in charge of the gate of the rich man house. Also they must usually be called Musa or Sule. These stereotypes have gone a long way to make unintelligent people think less of other ethnic groups.

Mother in-laws are always a problem to marriages; Patience Ozokwor, the typical mother in-law. Our young ladies give our mother attitude because of this stereotype. Creating enmity between daughter and mother in-laws

Kanayo O Kanayo is a ritualist, Patience Ozokwor is wicked, John Okafor (Mr Ibu) is a fool, Osita Iheme is full of mischief. These are respectable people in the movies industry, because they play certain roles do not mean that is their true nature.

Immense wealth is as a result of fraudulent behavior or rituals. Some people find it difficult to believe that a person can be wealthy on his own without involving some form of evil spiritual entity.

A village girl going to the city is a recipe for destruction; They are bound to become wayward.

All Bad boys and girls do is to go to the club, hang around in an uncompleted building, smoke and drink. A friend of mine once asked if bad boys had a secret covenant with uncompleted buildings.

There are so many other stereotypes out there, so it's best to avoid making conclusive judgement based on stereotypes in movies, do your own personal research on these thing to know their true natures before making conclusion.


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