Welcome to my space, know what makes me tick!!!

A Few Facts About Me

  • I love kids
  • I am a simple guy
  • I think most people don't understand me
  • I would pick a dog to a cat anyday, anytime


  • I love to Code
  • I Listen to music
  • I enjoy watching movies
  • Learning new things is a delight

About Nicholas

I am an easy going person, I am honest and the best person to have as a friend. Am not necessirily the most fun person to hang out with but I do have my perks. I would rather stay home and watch a good movie than go running around.

I love to code, although as a kid I always wanted to be an engineer simply because I was deeeply interested in robots and machines. I loved taking things apart and reasembling them back; Oh the joy when things taken apart seem to work fine after re-assembling.

I should think that my dad being an engineer prompted me to like engineering. But as time went on, I developed interest in computing because of gaming.
P.S: My Favourite game of all time is Robin Hood Legend of Sheerwood.

How I Started

After college, a couple of my friends and I started an online business of our own which involved people registering and locating partners for their business ideas; those who simply had an idea but lacked the financial capability to work of said idea. Elatabizz was supposed to be a platform for business initiators to meet with the right partnership to build something wonderful. At that time, it seemed like such a great idea and also we felt like we had the whole time in the world while waiting to serve our father land(NYSC). Soon, over time we all began to lose interest; this was after buying the domain and hosting the website. While working on this, I built my skills in several web technologies; the likes of node JS, JSON and python, I even envisioned the success of the application I learnt mobile application development so as to build the application in the long run. Little did I know all those skills I learnt were leading to a different path.

Overcoming Challenges

When I was finally called up for service, I advertised myself as a web designer. Little did it matter, because of the lack of technological establishments at my PPA. I kept of submitting proposals to the few firms and private schools around so as to get some work to do but efforts seemed futile. I got to create a few websites for very little, I didn’t allow that discourage me because I had a focus I was aiming at. I worked on a video sharing and event service website for a friend for nothing just because I needed to have works to show possible clients.

Big Break

At a point I got fed up, after I had submitted several applications to firm all around. Just in a momment at a party, my big break came through, I met a collegue who had the opportunity to work with an IT firm just before his service and was in need of a programmer. He had heard about me from other corp members who pointed him in my direction. That was how I established my name in the technology industry.

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